I get it; sometimes we think we’re invincible. We have days that build us up so much we don’t ever think we could possibly get knocked back down to size. You know the feeling, whether it’s a big moment like getting a raise or a small moment like making every single light on your way to work. Big or small, some moments make us think we’re unstoppable. The only problem? We’re human. Humans constantly make mistakes and therefore constantly need help getting back up. And when it comes to our beloved automobiles – nearly anything can happen.

Unexpected mechanical and electrical breakdowns happen all the time with motor vehicles. When it comes to expensive repairs, we feel they should barely slow you down. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a genuine General Motors Extended Warranty.

GM’s Are The Best Cars On The Road, Why Do I Need This?

You are a careful driver—that goes undisputed. However, we live in a world of uncertainty that can cause expensive and unexpected repairs needed on your vehicle. Whether it’s a broken electric window switch or something a little more serious, an official GM extended warranty can get your car back to you as soon as possible so you can stay on the road. Even the Justice League had Super Man’s back, why shouldn’t you have a vehicle extended warranty watching yours?

How Do I Get An Extended Warranty?

People used to have to go through their local dealership in order to get a GM Protection Plan, but better options are now available. Instead of purchasing your General Motors extended warranty directly from the dealership, we make it easy by allowing you to purchase it online. Purchasing online saves you the headache of having to deal with the aggressive car dealers and high retail prices.

While Searching online has become much easier than purchasing from a dealership, you still need to do your homework. There are hundreds of extended warranty websites, all with a variety of protection plans that claim to be the best. We are here to help. We only offer official factory-backed extended warranties. Please use the links below to get proper advice on these genuine GM, Ford and Chrysler extended warranty plans.

General Motors warranty: http://www.gmeppdirectsmith.com/

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury warranty: http://www.smithfordwarranty.com/

Chrysler Dodge and Jeep warranty: http://www.chrysler-warranty-online.com/