For many years, auto manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler have sold factory-backed automobile extended warranty plans ONLY through their dealership networks. Today, the popularity of the Internet continues to change the way companies do business, so these manufacturers have allowed certain dealerships to sponsor and sell their corporate extended car insurance warranty plans through online marketing efforts. So you win, because now you don’t have to purchase your GM Protection Plan, Ford Extended Service Plan, or official Chrysler Service Contract from your local dealership at retail prices.

Buy Online and Save Money on Factory-Backed Extended Car Warranties

With a little effort you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a factory extended warranty plan from approved online providers. After some investigation, I discovered these online automobile extended warranties are identical to the factory-backed auto extended warranties sold by retail dealerships nationwide. Claims may be made at any of the thousands of franchised GM, Ford, or Chrysler dealerships in the United States and Canada.

Many people prefer the manufacturer-sponsored automobile extended warranty over “dealer-owned” or aftermarket used car warranties for their security and ease of use. For instance, any Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership service department will instantly recognize an official Ford Extended Service Plan and will start repairing your car without delay. Dealership service writers and mechanics often prefer working with their own manufacturer-extended auto warranties because they are familiar with factory procedures and they know they will be paid on time. The ease and familiarity of the repair process usually gets you back on the road sooner. That’s good news for you and the repair facility.

If you own or are purchasing a GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicle and your dealer offers you an aftermarket used car warranty protection plus, you may first want to check online and receive extended auto warranty advice concerning official GM, Ford, or Chrysler factory auto warranties. I’ve included links to these official manufacturer websites below.

General Motors warranty;

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury warranty;

Chrysler Dodge and Jeep warranty;

About the author: The Warranty Watchman, a.k.a. David Olthoff, has specialized in auto extended warranties for the past 21 years.