3 Common Reasons Why Your Auto Warranty Could Be Denied

protect your auto warranty by avoiding these three mistakes

When it comes to protecting your GM vehicle, you’ve gone the whole nine yards.  From scheduled maintenance to only using top of the line products and more, you thought you couldn’t protect your vehicle any further—until you purchased an extended warranty plan. With an extended warranty, like the GMPP, you have powertrain coverage which protects…

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For Better Or Worse | GMEPP

It was a marvelous start to what would be an amazing day—or so we thought. On our way to the big occasion, everyone was excited, twitching nervously in their seats. We couldn’t wait for what was to come within the next couple hours. We hurried our way to the church so we could beat the…

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For many years, auto manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler have sold factory-backed automobile extended warranty plans ONLY through their dealership networks. Today, the popularity of the Internet continues to change the way companies do business, so these manufacturers have allowed certain dealerships to sponsor and sell their corporate extended car insurance warranty plans through online…

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