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Find the Perfect Protection Plan for Your GM Vehicle

Up For A Challenge

As you pull up to the red light you feel it. Eagerness builds as a restless power courses through your Buick SUV. You countdown with the numbers on the crosswalk…10, 9, 8. You feel the strong pull of the engine, ready to fly the moment the light switches to green…4, 3, 2. You breathe out in anticipation—1. You’re ready to go, and so is your SUV.

No matter the occasion, destination, or course, your Buick SUV is always ready to go whenever you are. Continue to keep your SUV up to the challenge with a Protection Plan. With protection from costly repair bills and expert mechanics around the country always ready to help, your Protection Plan ensures that the light stays green.

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What Can A Buick Protection Plan Do For Me?

Handling both tough terrain and smooth city streets, you’re Buick SUV is always ready to charge into action when you are. Ensure your Buick stays in the best protection with these unbeatable benefits.

  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Flat tire change
  • Towing
  • Battery jump
  • Locksmith/Key service*
  • Out-of-gas fuel delivery
  • *Locksmith / Key service not available in Kansas.

Models We Cover

Your Buick Encore has never said no—from winding up that steep mountain path in Colorado, to safely transporting your children to and from camp, the Encore is always ready to deliver. Give your SUV the “encore” it deserves by protecting it with the best Buick extended protection plan.

The SUV for the modern family, the Enclave combines a smooth ride, spacious seating, and a stylish new look. As part of the family, protect your Enclave with a Platinum Protection Plan, so that it can continue to perform without risk.

Built with the ruggedness and grit that is normally seen in a truck, the Buick Rainier packs advanced durability and power into one SUV. Whether ripping through back roads or flying up a quiet coast, keep your Rainier in top shape with a Protection Plan.


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