Advantages of Factory-Backed GM Extended Warranties

For decades, franchise dealerships have been offering buyers factory-backed extended warranties for their vehicles. These factory extended warranty plans provide added security against unexpected repair costs that can cripple your budget. Until recently, buyers could only purchase a factory-backed warranty at their local dealership. While the prices for factory extended warranties are more expensive than aftermarket extended warranties, most vehicle owners prefer to invest in an extended warranty that is backed by their vehicle’s manufacturer.

Manufacturer-backed extended warranties are the most secure products in the industry. They provide the best service in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Because of this, if a vehicle owner wanted to buy an official factory-backed GM extended warranty in the past, they generally assumed buying from their local dealership was the best and only option.

A New Way to Protect Your Vehicle

Times are changing, and the internet is transforming the way businesses attract new consumers. As of recently, vehicle manufacturers are now allowing specific authorized dealerships to sell their factory-backed GM extended warranty. This proves to be immensely beneficial for the consumer, as it allows vehicle owners to purchase a genuine factory-backed GM extended warranty without the typically overpriced dealership rates.

Save Hundreds. Buy Online.

Shoppers can now save hundreds on a factory-backed GM extended warranty with little-to-no added effort. The best part? The extended warranty received will be identical to plans sold at your local dealership. Additionally, the policy holder is able to have their vehicle serviced at any GM dealership across the United States and Canada.

If possible, customers should avoid purchasing an aftermarket warranty for their vehicle. Often, customers experience slower payment procedures and dealerships prefer to avoid working with them. There are several extra steps in this particular process that dealerships must take in order to confirm that repairs are covered, so it may take longer for the policy holder’s vehicle to be fixed and back on the road.

This won’t happen when you purchase a factory-backed GM extended warranty from Any GM Dealership across the nation will immediately recognize your extended warranty plan and begin servicing your vehicle.  This way, your vehicle will be back on the road in no time, and you’ll always receive the trusted service you depend on from any GM dealership nationwide.

It’s a Win-Win

Purchasing an official factory-backed GM extended warranty is a win-win for consumers, and it should be the first option customers consider when looking to purchase an extended warranty for their GM vehicle.

Our Advice to You

Before you pull the trigger on the factory-backed warranty from your local GM dealership, consider purchasing an official GM extended warranty from Don’t settle for high dealership prices. Call to take advantage of their low price guarantee.