Will an Auto Accident Void My Extended Warranty?

call smith chevy warranty to see if your warranty will be voided in the event of a car accident

As the bright blue sky washes over your car, you can’t find a cloud in sight. Cruising down a country road, you watch how the sun gracefully filters through the trees. As the warm sun washes over you and the radio lazily plays in the background, you gently roll up to a stop sign. 

And that’s when it happens…


After your car slides into the intersection, you take a deep breath to collect your thoughts…you were just rear-ended!

As you get out of your vehicle and approach the other car, thoughts race through your head. 

“What do I do now?” “Do I need to call the police?” “Will my extended warranty be voided?”
Well, take a deep breath because Smith Chevy Warranty is here to help! In the auto industry since 1923, Smith Chevy can answer all of your warranty questions…including what to do after an auto accident!

Oh Man, My Car!

Being involved in a car accident is a very jarring experience! 

First, take a minute to evaluate your physical wellbeing. Make sure that you have no injuries that need immediate attention. If you do, make sure to call 911 right away to receive proper medical care. 

If you feel fine, then approach the other vehicle to make sure they are okay. 

If they are uninjured as well, follow the steps below!

Step #1 Move to Safety 

always move your vehicle to safety in the event of a car accident

If your vehicle is in driveable shape, move it off to a shoulder or the side of the road. This can prevent road hazards and further accidents. 

If you are unable to move your vehicle, leave it and move to the side of the road to avoid standing in traffic. 

Step #2 Call the Police

after a car accident call the police to file a report

Many states require that an accident report be filled out and the scene documented when involved in a collision—no matter how big or small.

The responding officer will create a report, and this report can later be used for filing a claim with your insurance. 

Step #3 Swap Information

always swap insurance information after a vehicle accident

It’s of the utmost importance to capture the other driver’s insurance and contact details to properly file a claim. 

Information that should be retrieved includes:

  • Their full name and a way to contact the other driver, e.g. phone number, email address, etc.
  • The location of the incident
  • The make, model, and color of the other vehicle
  • A description of what caused the accident and where the damage to the vehicle occured 
  • Their driver’s license number and the license plate of the other vehicle
  • Insurance provider and policy number

Once this information is collected, you can contact your insurance provider to file the claim. They may also want access to the police report that was filed

What About Your Extended Warranty?

One large question remains…will this accident void your extended warranty?

Typically, being involved in an accident will not void the extended warranty, though some caveats exist. 

  • The car was given a salvage title

If the auto accident was severe enough, your car may be deemed a total loss and given a salvage title. This will void your car’s total extended warranty.

  • The vehicle was misused 

Let’s say you were involved in a road race or a road rage accident…you guessed it! Your warranty will be voided. 

  • No regular maintenance 

You may have been involved in a car accident, but if you were not keeping up on regular oil changes or other standard maintenance practices, your warranty may be voided when it comes time for repairs! 

Further Questions? Ask Smith Chevy Warranty

There’s no doubt about whether or not an extended warranty, like a GMPP, is worth it! You get access to repairs without paying out of pocket, and a warranty can actually increase the value of your car! 

But you may have questions…like what all does an extended warranty include, and what could potentially void a warranty. Well, lucky for you, Smith Chevy Warranty is here to help! 

As a vendor of GM-backed extended protection plans, they can help you find the perfect warranty for your car and answer questions regarding inclusions, exclusions, and ground rules for using the warranty! Call (866) 495-6123 to get started with a GMPP