Is That Mechanic Ripping You Off?

a gmpp gives you access to certified auto repair shops around the us

If you’re not a gearhead, trips to the auto repair shop can be a stressful event. As foreign terms are thrown out like “bearings,” “clutches,” and “pistols,” and the smell of oil and brake lubricant fill your nostrils, you may start to feel overwhelmed.  This may be the point where the mechanic offers to replace…

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Will an Auto Accident Void My Extended Warranty?

let smith chevy warranty answer your extended warranty questions

As the bright blue sky washes over your car, you can’t find a cloud in sight. Cruising down a country road, you watch how the sun gracefully filters through the trees. As the warm sun washes over you and the radio lazily plays in the background, you gently roll up to a stop sign.  And…

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3 Common Reasons Why Your Auto Warranty Could Be Denied

protect your auto warranty by avoiding these three mistakes

When it comes to protecting your GM vehicle, you’ve gone the whole nine yards.  From scheduled maintenance to only using top of the line products and more, you thought you couldn’t protect your vehicle any further—until you purchased an extended warranty plan. With an extended warranty, like the GMPP, you have powertrain coverage which protects…

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Take Care of Your Student With a GMPP

keep your car running smoothly with a gmpp from smith chevy warranty

Back to school season has arrived! As if this time of year isn’t already both exciting and stressful enough for you and your star pupil, the perils of the pandemic have only further complicated the experience of going off to college.  With all the worry of making sure your student has enough masks and hand…

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Tire Blow Out? Don’t Panic—Follow These Steps!

never get stranded on the road again with a gmpp

You’re running late, and not just fashionably late. You’re the “I’ll be there in 30,” when you rolled out of bed 15 minutes ago late. Of all days, why did you have to take a nap before your sister’s wedding rehearsal?! To make matters worse, the sun is beginning to set, and you guessed it,…

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Keep Caddy Cruisin’ With a GMPP

keep your cadillac xts running with a gmpp

You can practically see your father’s face as you glance in the rearview mirror of your new Cadillac XTS. He was always a Caddy fan—he liked the blending of that old-school feel with the modern luxuries that an upscale brand can offer…and you like it too. You can also hear his voice—nagging you about your…

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What to Know Before Purchasing an Extended Warranty

what you need to know about an extended warranty

When it comes to deciding whether or not you need an extended warranty, confusion almost always seems to be a part of the process. You sweat through loads of paperwork for your new car, sign a ton of documents, and set up financing—then comes the final question…Do you want an extended warranty? What even is…

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4 Tips For Car Care This Summer

hit the road this summer with a gmpp

The summer months are rapidly approaching, bringing with them the warmth of the sun as it comes clearly into view. When the rain finally goes away and the clouds part, you’re left wondering what trips to take or what activities are in store for you while the weather is nice.  It’s tempting to jump in…

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for an Extended Warranty

protect your vehicle with an extended warranty from smith chevy warranty

Our busy lives necessitate quick transportation to and fro. And you never know who’s pulling up behind you at the next red light. So when your car’s factory warranty expires, where do you turn? What goes through your head when you consider the benefits of an extended warranty? What about a GMPP, or General Motors…

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