4 Tips For Car Care This Summer

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The summer months are rapidly approaching, bringing with them the warmth of the sun as it comes clearly into view. When the rain finally goes away and the clouds part, you’re left wondering what trips to take or what activities are in store for you while the weather is nice. 

It’s tempting to jump in the car and get a head start without thinking about your tires, the battery, the engine or even your wipers. It’s not something you think about, frankly. But with a little maintenance in the week ahead, you can round up your 2.5 kids, throw your suitcases in the Suburban, and pull out of the driveway feeling sure that your vehicle can make that annual trip to the lake you look forward to every year.

Doesn’t it sound nice to play it safe? Then read on! Smith Chevy Warranty brings you 4 things to watch out for with your car this summer.

Check Your Engine

the platinum warranty covers your engine in case of needed repairs

Our cars work hard all year round to take us where we need to go, but the summer heat makes the engine’s job even harder. Even in milder conditions, our vehicles operate at high temperatures, so with the sun beating down on you and your car, your engine could get too hot for your car to handle.

Fortunately, you can check up on your engine to make its job easier. But be careful—before you get under the hood, make sure your engine is cool! 

  • Check the radiator and your hoses. Are they connected securely? Do you notice any splitting or cracking? 
  • Have enough coolant? Check every month and your cooling system will thank you later.
  • If your engine still overheats while you’re on the go, turn on the heat in the cabin to cool down the engine.

Finally, if you’re in need of assistance, your GMPP covers a number of repairs at no cost to you. The Silver Package includes the engine itself, while the Platinum Package also includes the engine cooling system. Just pull up to any GM dealership and rest easy knowing you’re covered.

Fill Up Your Tires

the extended warranty provides roadside assistance in case of breakdowns

So you’ve done roll call, packed all the bags, and you’re pulling out the driveway to set out on your cross-country road trip, until you hear the unmistakable beeping sound of your tire pressure monitoring system. The light always flickers on when you least expect it.

Make no mistake—that light is not there to suggest you fill up your tires. Should you ignore the warning and continue on your trip, you’re putting extra stress on your tires. As the sun rises and you’re pushing the speed limit on the interstate, your overheating tires run the risk of a blowout. And you certainly don’t want to spend the day stranded on the highway, do you? It’s hotter than hades out there!

All the more reason to pick up a GMPP, right? With Smith Chevy’s Platinum Package, you’d have access to roadside assistance in Canada and the United States. All you have to do is dial the toll-free number for around the clock service, coming to your rescue and covering your tire change in a timely manner.

Make Sure Your Vehicle’s Battery is Working

Modern cars rely heavily on electronics to function. We’re accustomed to battery troubles in the winter months, but much like its friend the engine, the oppressive summer heat can take a toll on your battery as well.

To avoid making the call for a jump start, turn the car off when you’re idling or waiting in the car. You could get outside and stretch in the meantime, and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!

And if you can’t avoid making that call, don’t sweat it—this is what the GMPP is for! Wipe the perspiration off your brow and dial the toll-free number for a jump start, yet another service included with the roadside assistance package that saved the day the last time your tire blew out. 

Prepare for the Worst

with dealerships across the us providing repairs go where your car takes you

You can take every precaution and still end up on the side of the road when you should be at the beach. You can hope for the best while simultaneously preparing for the worst. Bring an emergency kit with food, first-aid and other supplies to make sure you’re safe and comfortable despite the circumstances.

If your car needs repairs but you have places to go, your GMPP will cover the cost of a rental vehicle limited to $35 a day up to $175 as long as the repairs are included with the warranty. Smith Chevy’s extensive coverage gives you the peace of mind that you wish you had last time you put off a necessary repair, pretending nothing was wrong. 

I Want to Feel Safe in My Car This Summer. Can an Extended Warranty Help?

When that factory warranty runs out, it’s a bit scary heading out on the road. With 97 years of experience offering extended warranties, Smith Chevy Warranty knows how to reunite you with that sense of safety you had before. A General Motors Protection Plan, or GMPP, will help you do just that. To get started, contact Smith Chevy Warranty and get a free quote!