Can I Really Increase My Resale Value by Buying an Extended GM Warranty?

Can I Really Increase My Resale Value by Buying an Extended GM Warranty?

After the purchase of your new or preowned GM vehicle you’ll be confronted with the opportunity to purchase an official GM Extended Warranty. Be careful not to succumb to an over zealous salesperson at your local dealership trying to sell you an genuine GM Extended Protection Plan at full retail pricing. Now the most affordable genuine GM extended warranties are sold online on discount sites like

Your GM Extended Warranty Can Be Transferred to A New Owner

Yes, we want you to love your GM for as long as you own it, but maybe you want to love a newer GM, and pass your current one along to someone else. When you are able to offer a GM extended warranty backed by GM Service Centers nationwide, you are able to offer peace of mind.

After all, given the choice of a pre-owned GM vehicle or an identical pre-owned one with an official GM extended warranty, wouldn’t you choose the latter? Some people view buying a pre-owned car in a private sale as buying someone else’s problems, but with the warranty, you offer a car the buyer is likely to be more confident in buying.

If you are choosing to sell your GM in a private sale rather than trading it in at the dealership, having the GM extended warranty may also increase the value of the automobile to the buyer. People searching for used cars are often very worried about the nightmare scenario of having their new buy, in which the sale is final, suddenly break down.  That’s why so many savvy buyers searching for a pre-owned car consider having it looked over by their mechanic first. Your GM extended warranty takes much of those concerns away and allows you to sell your GM faster and for a higher price.

The Value of the GM Extended Warranty to You

Every car, buyer, and seller is different, so we can’t put a dollar amount on the GM extended warranty. But there are a number of aspects to consider.

When the time arrives to sell, you want to sell fast and at a higher price. Plus, prior to that time, you want to drive confidently, knowing you are protected. What is that worth to you?

Are you really looking forward to being one of many cars listed for sale in your area? You’re competing with everyone and fielding a steady stream of window shoppers, costing you valuable time, and time translates into money. Advertising that you have a GM with a warranty available will set you apart from the pack, and let you field fewer potential buyers, because the smart shopper who is serious about buying will arrive on your doorstep sooner.

Peace of Mind

So there you have it. You get greater peace of mind as you driving your gently aging vehicle from having a GM extended warranty, but you also get a greater return of your investment when they day comes to part with your current GM and bring a new one home.