GMC Warranty For Your Truck or SUV

GMEPP GMC Warranty protects your SUV in the big city.Prepare For The Road Ahead

Each of our journeys leads us down different paths, but one thing is a surety, life is busy! With all the daily activities, fulfilling time-consuming obligations, and traveling between work and home there isn’t a lot of extra time for much else. Worrying about unexpected high expense vehicle repairs doesn’t have to be a concern with a GMC warranty backing you. We are with you wherever the road takes you. City living or countryside roaming, Smith Motors offers the best prices on extended warranties for your new or used vehicles. Get the protection you need for your GMC truck or SUV and be prepared for what comes around the next bend.

GMEPP GMC Warranty saves you hundreds on repairs!

Comprehensive GMC Warranty For Your Truck

Congratulations! You chose to invest in a GMC truck for your daily commuter meaning you understand the quality craftsmanship that goes into these workhorses. While GMC trucks are known for their high level of endurance through the roughest of conditions, breakdowns can happen. That’s when your GMC warranty pulls through. Repairs to the engine, transmission, electrical, or computer systems can cost a substantial amount to complete. The sour feeling of having to pay out hundreds to thousands of dollars is disheartening. Our comprehensive warranty protects your wallet from the pricey cost of repairs to your transmission or engine. The complete list of components covered by the Platinum GM extended protection plan follows:

  • Engine
  • Engine cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Steering system
  • Transmission and Transaxle
  • Front and Rear-wheel-drive assemblies
  • Engine cooling system
  • Heating and vehicle manufacturer-installed air conditioning systems
  • Electrical, computer and audio systems
  • Braking system components
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Safety assemblies
  • High-tech components
  • Seals and gaskets

You may be looking at other aftermarket warranties wondering why they seem to cost less. It’s important to recognize the defining factor of GM Factory-backed warranties is the fact that they cover wear and tear. Most cheaper aftermarket warranties note wear and tear as an exclusion to warranty coverage. It’s comforting to know our comprehensive extended warranty covers all of your mechanical and electrical components.

Coverage Suited for Your Individual Needs

Vehicles designated for individual and professional use benefit from our comprehensive warranties. Smith Motors offers deep discounts on extended protection plans for your GMC truck, van, or SUV. We recently heard from one of our customers who also operates his own pest control company. Ryan shared his experience of owning an extended GMC warranty with us.

“After my last ten-year-old service van bit the dust following many transmission and engine issues, I began the search for a new vehicle to use for my pest control company. After researching the best van for the job, I chose a used GMC Safari. Everything I need for my business fits easily in the cargo area. My previous experience of paying out of pocket for transmission and engine repairs led me to consider an extended warranty. With owning my own small business, I cannot afford to have a vehicle breakdown much less the high cost of repairs. The used dealership offered a warranty, but it didn’t seem to cover what I needed. The expense was much higher than I could to justify. I found Smith Motors online, read through the Silver Warranty plan details, and easily completed the online quote form. The price was right, and the service plan coverage fit my business’s needs. Not only were the engine and transmission covered, but the fuel system, front suspension, and many more components. Thankfully I bought the Silver Warranty Plan because within the first two months of owning my Safari I experienced an issue with the front suspension. My local GM dealership was quick to repair the issue at no cost to me. The low cost of the extended warranty and comprehensive coverage is unbeatable. Thanks to Smith Motors for offering such great prices on the GM extended service plans!”   

 GMEPP GMC Warranty is accepted at all dealerships nationwide.

Factory-Backed Extended Warranties

General Motors Extended Service Plans not only cover new and pre-owned vehicles but also leased cars as well. Included in all of our factory-backed warranties is roadside assistance. Call 24 hours a day for towing, battery jump, locksmith service or even a flat tire change. Don’t be inconvenienced by the hassles of high-cost repairs or being without your vehicle for a long time either. In addition to roadside assistance, our extended warranties offer substitute transportation to assist you in your time of need. Smith Motors is here to answer any and all questions you have on GMC warranties. For a cost quote on the coverage you need, fill out our online quote form!