How Can a GMEPP Warranty Protect My College Student?

protect your college student from out of pocket expenses with a gmepp auto warranty

For many of us, the process of letting go is hard.

We all know the feeling—bittersweet, nostalgic, and undoubtedly sad. We can feel this way when we change jobs and squeeze our favorite coworkers’ goodbye for the last time, or when we stare at our empty home, full of memories before we move. We also feel this way when we help our children move for college. Though we’ll still see our children, we may not be able to protect them like we have done before.

One of the ways in which we can still protect them from a distance is by providing them with a GMEPP auto warranty. Though this may not seem obvious at first, a GMEPP warranty can help shield them from costly, unexpected repairs and roadside breakdowns. Smith Chevrolet, an experienced auto warranty provider since 1923, lists below the ways in which a GMEPP warranty can benefit your child!

How Can We Protect Our Children from Afar?

a gmepp silver warranty plan provides advanced coverage for your vehicle

Many college students travel when they leave for school. Some commute to and from school, others trek across the state, and some even journey across state lines. Even with the most dependable car, frequent or long distance travel can undoubtedly put strain on our vehicles. To ensure that our child’s vehicle stays protected, a GMEPP warranty should be purchased.

But what GMEPP warranty is right for your child?

The two most popular GM warranties are the Silver and Platinum plans. Though both highly dependable, they offer different scopes of protection. Detailed below is what each plan covers!

GMEPP Silver Warranty:

The GMEPP Silver Warranty is an excellent option for those desiring protection for their main vehicle components. Though not as comprehensive as the Platinum plan, the Silver Warranty still ensures that some of the most expensive parts within their vehicle will be covered in the event of a breakdown. Listed below are the nine major vehicle assemblies covered.

  •      Engine
  •      Front / Rear-wheel-drive assemblies
  •      Transmission / Transaxle
  •      Fuel system
  •      Front Suspension
  •      Steering system
  •      Vehicle manufacturer-installed air conditioning systems
  •      Braking system components
  •      Electrical and computer systems

GMEPP Platinum Warranty:

If you are looking for a more complete auto warranty, the GMEPP Platinum Warranty covers all the electrical and mechanical components within the vehicle. In addition to covering all the parts stated in the Silver Warranty, the Platinum plan covers:

  •      Engine
  •      Transmission / Transaxle
  •      Front / Rear-wheel-drive assemblies
  •      Fuel system
  •      Engine cooling system
  •      Heating and vehicle manufacturer-installed air conditioning systems
  •      Electrical, computer and audio systems
  •      Braking system components
  •      Suspension (Front / Rear)
  •      Steering system
  •      High-tech components
  •      Seals and gaskets
  •      Safety assemblies

With both warranties, any damage due to “wear and tear” is covered by the plan—a guarantee that most aftermarket warranties fail to provide.

How Much Money Can My Child Really Save with a GMEPP Plan?

We know that major vehicle component repairs are generally pricey, but sometimes the actual price of a fix can be shocking!

Ordinarily, the major components within your vehicle, like an engine or transmission, can cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair—which can be a stiff out-of-pocket expense. As college students, our children often have to worry about other expenses like books, dorm costs, and student loans. An unexpected vehicle repair could seriously eat away at their savings—leaving them in a difficult position.

With a GMEPP warranty, costly repairs and replacements can be handled with ease—meaning your college student won’t have to stress about paying a mechanic a huge, out-of-pocket expense! When a covered breakdown occurs, your child’s vehicle is completely taken care of.

With the roadside assistance, we as parents won’t have to stress either!

How is My Child Covered with Roadside Assistance?

get roadside assistance with a gmepp silver warranty from smith chevrolet

When our children travel away for school, it can be harder for us to assist them when they need our help the most! Common car problems like flat tires, battery jumping, and locking the key in a vehicle can be virtually impossible for us to fix—if we live hours away.

With a GMEPP Warranty, your child is covered 24/7, from anywhere in the US! With any GMEPP warranty plan you get:

  •      Flat tire change
  •      Towing
  •      Battery jump
  •      Locksmith/Key service*
  •      Out-of-gas fuel delivery

A GMEPP warranty also provides rental car assistance and compensation for lengthy repairs. Even if you can’t be there to personally assist your child in times of vehicle trouble, they will never be alone on the roads with roadside assistance!

*Locksmith / Key service not available in Kansas.

How Smith Chevrolet Can Help You

With a GMEPP auto warranty, you can rest easy knowing your child is protected from unexpected costs and roadside breakdowns. Even if you live miles away, help is always readily available, 24/7.

For more information about warranty plans and the included benefits, contact Smith Chevrolet. A leader in the auto warranty industry since 1923, Smith Chevrolet has decades of expertise and is ready to answer all of your questions!