Texas Tough Warranties

texas weather can be rough on your vehicle so protect it with a gmepp warranty

There’s no doubt that Texas can be an unforgiving place to work and ranch, yet the sense of pleasure we feel from working the land makes the risk worth it. From arid, desert-like conditions in the West, humid climates in the East, and tropical environments in the South, Texas is a state that requires adaptability, perseverance, and most importantly, equipment that can handle the job. When it comes down to the wire, you need a truck that can keep up with you, and your truck needs a warranty that can keep up with it.

Never let your truck fall victim to Texas’ harsh conditions without a backup plan. See how a GMEPP warranty from Smith Chevrolet can save you money, and most importantly, give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Don’t Mess with Texas… Weather

From week long rodeos and bedazzled cowboy boots, to the glory of the Alamo and the vastness of the sky, everything is unarguably bigger and more extreme in Texas—including the weather.

In arid conditions typically found in Western Texas, the cooling systems within our vehicles—as well as the fuel systems—can be put under immense stress as our cars work harder to keep cool in the extreme conditions. The brake systems can also be adversely affected, because hot conditions can cause brake fluid to boil in the caliper, which can lead to the formation of gas bubbles that can reduce the braking ability in our trucks. These arid conditions can exacerbate the natural wear and tear our vehicle will experience from daily usage—resulting in quicker breakdowns and part malfunction.

Humid conditions, typically found in East Texas, intensify the amount of rust that will be found on your car. Rust can cause vehicle pieces to snap or crack, as well as leave many parts vulnerable to exposure.

To help protect your car and wallet from Texas’ extreme conditions, a GMEPP warranty covers damage due to wear and tear—a huge advantage that’s often not covered by cheaper aftermarket contracts.

Never Alone in the Lone Star State with a GMEPP Warranty

gmepp warranties from smith chevy warranty provides roadside assistance

It happens to the best of us. We’re traveling down the road when out of nowhere, our vehicle comes to a sputtering stop. We pull out our tools to discover that we don’t have the proper instruments to diagnose the problem. We hate to admit it, but we’re stuck…

A GMEPP warranty will make sure you’ll never be stuck on the road alone, with roadside assistance. As temperatures climb into the upper nineties in the summer, it’s essential that you have a plan and help on the way in the event of a breakdown. With GMEPP roadside assistance, you get flat tire changes, out-of-gas fuel delivery, locksmith services, battery jumping, and towing assistance. These services can help you get back on the road to more important matters.

Save Money with a GMEPP Warranty

keep your vehicle protected with a gmepp warranty from smith chevy warranty

Running a ranch can be hard on our wallets, especially when we have to account for cattle, crops, and daily upkeep. The last thing we need is for our car to break down—resulting in a fix that costs thousands of dollars. Even if we try to fix the vehicle ourselves—after ordering expensive parts and taking the time out of our busy schedules—we can still lose hundreds of dollars.

With a GMEPP warranty, you can save your wallet from expensive, out-of-pocket expenses. By simply choosing the amount of time or miles you want coverage for, you can keep your vehicle protected and rest assured that you won’t be burdened with pricey, unexpected costs.    

To learn more about how a GMEPP warranty can benefit you, visit Smith Chevrolet, and see how their knowledgeable staff can help you with all your warranty questions!