Protecting Motors and Memories

a gmpp can protect more than just your car

Remember that long road trip in the Suburban across the country where you first realized that the journey really was the destination? How about dropping the kids off at school on the first day or taking them to their first dance? Memories can’t help but be made in our vehicles, and we often see our Suburbans as members of our family—which is why it can be so tough when we finally let our vehicle go. 

Keep your Suburban and the precious memories made in it for as long as you can with the help of a GMPP from Smith Chevy Warranty. The GMPP, or General Motors Protection Plan, will help keep your Suburban or any other GM model on the road and your memories safely parked in the garage at the end of the day.

Save Your Memories and Your Money

a gmpp protects your vehicles most valuable parts from costly repairs

So how can a GMPP protect your vehicle? It protects some of the most expensive repairs to your vehicle including the engine and transmission! Covering all the mechanical and electronic components on your vehicle, it is an amazing tool to keep a family staple like a Suburban on the road as it ages. These repairs are at no cost to you and are done at reputable GM dealerships throughout the United States.

Between the Silver and Platinum plans, the GMPP covers many parts—even ones you might not think about. From the suspension to the factory air conditioning system, almost anything that can go wrong in your vehicle is covered. No matter your preference in GM brands, you’ll find your car, truck, or SUV covered with supreme protection. So, whether the Cadillac you took to prom won’t shift into gear or the Chevy you taught your kids to drive on overheats on the highway, expect free and professional repairs to your vehicle.

Protecting & Producing Good Times

a gmpp from smith chevy warranty can increase the value of your car

Not only can your GMPP protect your Suburban and the memories made in it, but it can help you make new memories as well. Repairs to your engine, transmission, suspension, and other components are expensive. With the money you save in repairs, you can afford a whole new vacation! 

Not only that, but these protection plans offer roadside assistance across the United States that can help save any road trip from disaster. 

Run out of gas in the desert on the way to Vegas? Gas delivery is a call away! Get a flat tire on the interstate heading to Disneyland? Tire change services will be there in no time, and you’ll be reimbursed for it! The GMPP even reimburses you if you need a rental car while repairs are being done—keeping you happy and on the road.

How Can I Get a GMPP?

Are you ready to save your family’s daily driver? You’ll also manage to save a few cherished memories while you’re at it. The sooner you get an extended warranty on your vehicle, the cheaper it will be and the sooner you’ll be driving with peace of mind. To get a free quote on protecting your one-of-a-kind GM vehicle, contact Smith Chevy Warranty. Your GMPP, along with its financial protection and other benefits, is only a click away.