5 Great Reasons You Need a GMPP in 2020

start 2020 by protecting your vehicle with a gmpp from smith chevy warranty

What is a GMPP? A General Motors Protection Plan, or GMPP, is the best way for you to protect your vehicle after the factory warranty expires. 

It covers some of the most important and expensive parts of your vehicle, with repairs done at approved GM dealerships. There are over 9.6 million GM vehicles going out of warranty in 2020 alone! See why a GMPP from Smith Chevy Warranty is a must for you and your vehicle.

1. Winter Is Still Here

get a gmpp to protect your vehicle from expensive repairs this winter

As New Year’s rolls past, we still have quite a few cold months ahead, not to mention more cold months at the end of the year! The wear and tear on vehicles during this time is much higher than during the summertime, and a breakdown in winter can be a real holiday wrecker.

You have to get to work, and you definitely don’t want to be making the trek in the freezing snow on foot. With the GMPP’s additional services such as towing and gas delivery, you won’t have to worry about being stuck out in the cold if a breakdown does happen!

2. The GMPP Can Save You Big Bucks for Your Cars, SUVs, and Trucks

Every vehicle will eventually need work done. Often the big repairs we hope won’t be needed pop up when we least expect it. 

Most of us don’t keep a big enough wad of cash lying around in case a transmission goes out. That’s the beauty of the GMPP. This plan covers you for huge expenses such as engine and transmission repairs.

You’ll still have your money and your car! Truly the best of both worlds. 

Even if you have the money to repair your ride, you definitely don’t want to spend it. Think about what you could do with an extra couple grand in your pocket, as well as knowing your vehicle is in the hands of skilled technicians that specialize in GM vehicles.

3. Have Your Ride When You Need It

a gmpp from smith chevy warranty can give you fast auto repairs

Now that you know how much money you can save with a GMPP, let’s say you’ve planned a trip with that extra cash. Maybe you’re taking your Vette across the country to a car show this summer, or maybe you promised Mom you’d take the kids up to see her this Christmas in the Suburban or Escalade. 

No matter what plans you have this year, if something happens to your GM, you’ll want the best quality work done to have it back in working shape in no time.

The GMPP is accepted at GM service centers across the nation, so you’ll never be too far from a free fix—so even on the road, you can be confident in your coverage. Even better, the Platinum GMPP provides reimbursement for rental vehicles if you need it!

4. Keep Your Special Vehicle in Spectacular Condition

a gmpp helps protect you from large out of pocket expenses

Have a Camaro you want to keep in tip-top mechanical shape for you or someone else to cherish and enjoy down the line? Maybe just a Silverado you expect to get beat up on the farm over years of service. 

It’s best to jump out ahead of the problem and make sure you have your GM for years to come! Imagine how much you can save, let alone WHAT you can save with the mechanical and financial protections of the GMPP.

The plan has proven popular, particularly with those looking to keep vehicles in pristine shape long after the original warranty expires, such as Corvettes after the Chevy 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. With the level of maintenance you can obtain before your factory warranty ever even expires, your vehicle can stay in pristine condition as the years go by for only the price of the GMPP, no out-of-pocket repairs for anything covered by the plan.

5. Increased Resale Value for Your Vehicle

you can transfer your gmpp when you sell your vehicle

Even if you don’t plan on your GM being your permanent vehicle or even your daily driver, it can still be a good idea to protect it. GMPPs are transferable when vehicles change owners, adding extra value to the vehicle! 

Not to mention that while you own it, the added protection of the plan will make sure your GM is in the best possible condition mechanically when selling time comes!

Imagine selling a car on Craigslist or at the dealership and knowing nothing is actually wrong with it! Now that’s some leverage in your next deal!

Where Can I Get a GMPP?

Ready to protect your truck for the long-haul? Or your SUV for the road ahead? 

Make sure your vehicle’s most crucial components have the excellent coverage of the GMPP. With platinum and silver plans from Smith Chevy Warranty, you have plenty of options for protection as well. The chance to keep your favorite vehicle on the road is only a click away! Get in touch with an online quote or call us at (866) 495-6123.