A Can’t-Miss Investment in Your GM

get the best protection for your chevy camaro with a gm extended warranty

As the years pass by and the miles tick past on the odometer, the GM you’ve loved since you drove it off the lot might not be so new. The more distance you and your ride cover, the more repairs you’ll run into and have to pay for.

The good news? A GMEPP from Smith Chevy Warranty can protect your Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, or GMC, regardless of whether it’s new or old. Many people don’t take out this warranty on their vehicle until much later into the vehicle’s lifespan and miss out on big bucks that they could have saved over time!

How Can a GMEPP Save Me Money?

a gmepp can save you thousands of dollars on repairs with your vehicle

So just how can a GMEPP keep money in your pockets? Modern cars are getting more and more expensive to repair. This is from the actual price of the individual parts themselves, but also from the increasing complexity of the projects. It’s much harder to work on vehicles now than two decades ago, from how easily accessible it is under the hood, to the electrical systems and computers that control our parts.

What’s made our cars so easy to drive, has also made them that much more difficult to work on, let alone impossible on some higher-end vehicles that require manufacturer computers for certain repairs.

The GMEPP will allow for these increasingly frustrating and expensive repairs that we’ll all face in the future to be covered before you get there. You don’t wait to put your pads on until after you get tackled, so don’t wait to cover your car until after the first big hit on your wallet from repairs!

Why Should I Get a GMEPP Now?

dont pay out of pocket for costly repairs with the assistance of a chevy extended warranty plan

There are two main reasons to get your General Motors Extended Protection Plan today instead of tomorrow. First of all, we can all admit that once we push something to tomorrow, it becomes tomorrow again, and the next day, and so on. The newer your vehicle, and the lower the miles, the cheaper your coverage plan will be.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, as the years go by repairs become more and more expensive! Use your GMEPP as a preventive measure for all of your car’s mechanical needs in the near future! Major, costly repairs such as engines, transmissions, and suspensions can be covered with the Platinum or Silver plans with no cost to you.

These plans also cover most of the electrical and mechanical systems in your GM, giving you a level of protection that’s hard to find in most non-factory warranties. These other warranties also often exclude shop visits that are due to “wear and tear” on the vehicle, where a GMEPP has your back.

How Can I Get a GMEPP?

In business for almost a century, Smith Chevy Warranty can help you learn how to best protect your GM from unavoidable wear and tear and expensive breakdowns today! To get a GMEPP and secure your vehicle and wallet for the foreseeable future, contact us online or call (866) 495-6123. The sooner you do, the more you’ll save!