Why Should I Get a GMPP For My Suburban?

smith chevy provides gmpp warranties

So many things can go wrong with an automobile, why risk paying thousands upon thousands of dollars or sending your Suburban to the scrapyard? Imagine rolling down the road taking your kids to their various practices, when you hear a loud knocking from the engine. Suddenly, your car won’t accelerate and you slowly come to a stop. You could be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs, and as a matter of fact you are. Your engine is ruined, a piston has snapped and destroyed your head gasket in the process. The mechanic quotes you thousands of dollars you don’t have and can get, you are more worried than you’ve ever been. With a GMPP you don’t have to! It will cover all your repairs as well as helping reimburse you on your tow service and rental as well. Covering some of the most expensive repairs an owner can face, a Platinum GMPP from Smith Chevrolet is a must-have for GM owners.

a gmpp warranty covers the most expensive parts on your vehicle

What Does a GMPP Cover?

A GMPP, or General Motors Extended Protection Plan, covers many of the most expensive and important parts in your GM vehicle. Some parts covered include engines, transmissions, manufacturer AC/heating systems, and many more that are costly to replace. GMPP Platinum covers all of your electrical and mechanical components, even if your breakdown results from wear and tear. This means your instruments and panels, electrical and computer systems, suspension, fuel system, engine cooling system, and more are under warranty as your car gets older and racks up miles. GMPP Platinum even provides customers with around-the-clock roadside assistance that includes towing, jump starts, tire changes, key service, and fuel delivery.

How is a GMPP Different from a Normal Warranty?

What makes the GMPP Platinum special is that it covers normal wear and tear on your vehicle that many cheaper aftermarket warranties do not. Covering many more parts than other warranties, it is an extremely thorough option for your GMC, Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, Hummer, or Saturn vehicle. It can also be purchased at any point in the car’s lifetime and can help cover expenses such as rental cars. It is the best deal on an official General Motors Extended Protection Plan and extended warranty for your vehicle and can be used at any GM mechanic in the country.

a gmpp warranty provides road side assistance

Why Do I Need a GMPP?

Driving around in your vehicle every day once your original manufacturer warranty expires can be a risky affair—especially if, like most people, you use your car every day, back and forth, watching the miles tick up. Imagine having the head-gasket go out in your Suburban. You’re potentially looking at thousands of dollars in parts and labor to fix it. With a Platinum GMPP, you’re covered and will even have roadside assistance and reimbursement for your rental until your Suburban is back from the shop.

Maybe there is another common problem in your Suburban you’re worried about having to fix or replace? Whether your power brake unit is leaking fluid, your speedometer is erratic, or an actuator in the heating/AC goes out, you can bring it into any GM mechanic nationwide and you’re covered. Less worrying, less time without your car, less money spent.

How Do I Get a GMPP Platinum?

Without a Platinum GMPP, you can be on the hook for expensive repairs, making it an amazing safety net for your vehicle and your money. Protecting consumers for over three decades, it is the most respected plan in the industry. To get the protection you need, contact Smith Chevrolet, the official online provider of the GMPP Platinum coverage plan, and get a free price quote for your warranty.